I have always had an innate feeling that my purpose on this Earth was to help people in any way that I could. Now, I am working to make that my reality. I am a certified yoga teacher, I have a B.S. in Health Science, and I am currently a graduate student working towards my M.A. in Clinical Psychology to become a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Though these are my qualifications on paper and things that don’t actually define me as a person- I hope it gives a little insight into what I feel is my purpose.


Throughout the years and my own experiences, I have found a passion for holistic medicine and healing through the therapeutic process. Because of this, it has become my goal to combine various holistic methods and my higher education in therapy to help others heal, so they can help others heal- ultimately creating a ripple effect.

So, I have decided to share with you the things that I have found most life-changing and important on my own journey thus far. Topics will be heavy and they will be light, but most of all they will be completely authentic to me, who I am, and what I have gone through. 

I hope you feel safe enough here to share your story and be exactly who you already are. Let’s break stigmas and heal together!

xo, Riley